by Asher Matthews

We are so excited to share a book review for your jkids by one of our PJ Our Way kids! For more Purim resources, click here.

Fun Story about Jewish Traditions

“Silly Sammy, spiders don’t spin groggers. Spiders spin webs!” This is a line that you will hear some variation of in all of the Sammy Spider books, most of which are part of PJ Library. The Sammy Spider series is about a spider family that lives in a house with a Jewish family. Each book teaches Sammy — and readers — about the Jewish traditions that he sees the Shapiro family do.

In Sammy Spider’s First Purim, Sammy woke up to the sound of Josh, the child who lives in the Shapiro’s house, preparing for Purim. First, he sees Josh making a Purim costume, then, Hamantaschen, and finally, a grogger. Sammy is eager to see the grogger so he runs right inside it! Will Sammy make it out? Read Sammy Spider’s First Purim to find out.

Asher Matthews is on the PJ Our Way Leadership Team.