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About Passover

Passover is arguably the most widely celebrated Jewish holiday of the year. It is a feast for the senses — we listen to a fantastic story as we touch, dip, smell, taste, and look at objects that trigger emotions.  

Like most Jewish holidays, Passover has three parts: the story, its ritual observance and music, and its special foods. Ask yourself what you think is important for your family and what you find compelling. Consider focusing on one concept or Jewish value as you touch on each part of your holiday exploration to make it come alive. 

The Story

The Hebrews are enslaved in Egypt and crying out for help. One mother tries to save her son from a bitter life by floating her baby in a basket along the Nile River. The Pharaoh’s daughter finds the baby and raises him as her own, naming him Moses. Moses ultimately leads the Israelites to freedom with God’s help. 

The Seder

Seder means order. On Passover we follow the steps or order of the festive meal. The Haggadah (literally: the telling of the story) is the Seder guide. The Four Questions prompt us to fully experience the holiday celebration.


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