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Whether you are looking for videos, crafts, explanations, or more, jkidphilly is your one-stop-shop for all things Passover.

Come for the seder meal;

stay for the endless array of ways to celebrate with your jkids!

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Passover Toolkit

“Venture Into Passover: a jkidphilly Holiday Toolkit”

includes information, activities, resources, and links to more information, all to be used to create an exciting, engaging, and educational Passover for your family and/or classroom.

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  • Please feel free to share any and all parts of this toolkit, and let us know if there’s any way we can help and/or if you need more resources

Looking for more ways to celebrate? Here are some ideas from Jewish Learning Venture staff!

Alyse’s cousin created a child-friendly Haggadah for their extended family back when their children were young and they have since resisted any effort to use anything more “adult.”

char loves to sing Passover songs during the seder, including seeing how quickly they can sing “Dayenu” or adding in sound effects during “Chad Gadya.”

Julia is the matzah ball soup maker. She spends multiple days making the soup in an enormous pot. It’s the highlight of the meal!

For more than a decade, Molly has shared the tradition of charoset making with her cousin’s oldest child, each year accompanied by a selfie with the same silly face.

Rhona loves hosting seders where everyone uses a different haggadah, while using special Passover dishes and pans that are only used during this time of year.

Robin loves finding new and creative ways to top matzah. Her family’s constant favorite, though, is the old standby: cream cheese and Everything Bagel seasoning!

Robyn looks forward to large seders with her extended family! Everyone loves to sing and participate!

For most of Sarah’s life, her family’s seders have been infused with social justice readings mixed in with multiple Haggadahs with different perspectives.

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