Irene Gold and Leon Puhachevsky with their children, Samuel Ryan, 12, Abigail Zoe Madeleine, 9 and Sophia Zelda Rosalynne, 7.

We spoke to Irene Gold and Leon Puhachevsky ​​about their favorite Jewish activities, their connection to Jewish community, and the ways jkidphilly has impacted their family. 

What do you enjoy about jkidphilly?

Our family is relatively new to the area – all of our kids were born in San Francisco, CA. Relocating meant finding a new community and making new friends. We feel very fortunate that we have found this organization. The staff – Anna and Alla work incredibly hard and make everything so fun for us! The programs are well thought-out and interesting. Our family is always looking forward to the next event.

What kind of Jewish activities do you enjoy at home?

Our family loves to read PJ books, have Shabbat dinners, light candles, and celebrate Jewish holidays.

What are your favorite PJ Library books?

Too many to choose from! One of my personal favorites was Mamaleh Knows Best: What Jewish Mothers Do to Raise Successful, Creative, Empathetic, Independent Children. We all need to read it as it has some good ideas for moms.

Are you part of any other organized Jewish communities?

Our children go to Jewish Sunday School at JCC. In the summer they enjoy going to Camp Gan Izzy – where they participate in lots of fun activities and fun-filled trips.

What do you think other parents should know about jkidphilly?

They should know that it is a warm and welcoming community where like-minded families get a chance to meet and interact. We are very lucky that jkidphilly exists.