Bikur Cholim/Visiting The Sick

The cover of the book, "Bear Feels Sick" by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. The large bear is underneath a blanket as all the other animals including birds and rabbits gather around to help him feel better.It is never too early to engage young children in the Jewish value of visiting the sick. Whether it is empathiszing with a friend who isn’t feeling well or visiting a grandparent or other loved one who is ill, we can give children the tools that they need to be kind and caring. Here are a few tools from jkidphilly that will help your family do the mitzvah of Bikur Cholim:

Download and Print a “Bear Hug” card–Color and write a messgae for a friend who needs some extra love!

Download and Print a “Cup of Tea” card–You can color this card, attach a tea bag with tape and share with a friend who needs some cheer!

Check out this easy project–make a Boo Boo Bunny to comfort your jkids when they need some ice to feel better!

Here’s a helpful article about Visiting the Sick with young kids.

We love this great PJ Library book that shows all the ways that friends help bear when he is sick!

Gabi and Rafael help us understand the importance of visting the sick in “Shaboom!” – the wonderful BimBam series about Jewish values for kids and their families. The parent version of this episode can be found here.