Dear jkidphilly families,

What are the hidden meanings behind the Purim story?

This week’s Torah portion interestingly includes the famous quote, “You shall not oppress (mistreat, pick on, bully) a stranger (outsider, unknown) because you were once strangers in Egypt” (Exodus 20:22).

Adding modern synonyms, we can see this as a lesson in the treatment of others. Perhaps the Purim story shows us the ultimate bully, Haman, in hopes that we avoid his mistakes in fearing those unlike ourselves.

Particularly during JDAIM, Jewish Disabilities Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion month, we can learn from and appreciate others who have needs that are different than ours.

This weekend jkidphilly has a wide array of fantastic experiences to help you explore something new, from community helpers, stories in English and Hebrew, to no-bake hamantaschen.

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Vive la différence!

Lisa and the jkidphilly team