By Shelby Kleiman

Every Summer, my family and I travel every weekend to the Jersey shore. This is our time to relax, have fun, visit friends and family, but most importantly spend time with our children. Recently a friend of mine started an initiative called “Voorhees Rocks!,” a community-based initiative promoting less screen time, and more face time! I thought it would be a great idea to do a similar initiative at the jersey shore, but with shells! I named it “See” Shells at the shore and created a facebook page. I invited everyone I knew and encouraged everyone to invite others. Within one weekend we had over 100 members! Families are encouraged to find shells, decorate them and hide them around the community for others to find! Shells have been hidden at the playground, local eateries, shops, anywhere you can think of. If found, you post a picture on the facebook page of the shell you found, and then re-hide it! It’s so exciting to follow your shell’s journey! Now instead of playing games on their ipads, the kids want to explore, decorate, hide, and it also gives them a fun activity to do with their grandparents! (When mommy and daddy need a break!) This not only puts a smile on everyones face, but shows our kids the importance of doing a mitzvah, giving back to the community, and also L’dor V’dor.. hopefully starting a family tradition that can be passed from generation to generation.

Shelby Kleiman lives in Voorhees, NJ with her husband Dave, and two kids:son Miller, 7 and daughter Carsyn, 5. She works full-time as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. In her spare time, she loves to travel, exercise, bake, and eat! She also runs an Instagram page (@2starvingsistas) with her best friend.. documenting delicious food finds in the S.jersey/Philly area!