Allison and Aaron Greenfield with their children Rose, 7 and Alexandra, 4.

We spoke to Allison and Aaron Greenfield ​about their favorite Jewish activities, their connection to Jewish community, and the ways jkidphilly has impacted their family.

What do you enjoy about jkidphilly?

Our favorite jkidphilly activity has been family yoga at Yoga Home. We always have a great time when we attend…value the time together as a family…and have an opportunity to interact with other local jkidphilly families. The program is fantastic and it also introduced me to this wonderful local small business (Yoga Home) which I have started going to for adult classes as well.

What kind of Jewish activities do you enjoy at home?

Teaching our children lessons about helping others and doing mitzvahs in our community has always been important to us. For example, we purchased toiletries to send to the victims of Hurricane Florence, through BTBJ which was collecting items. Sharing the experience with the kids to purchase a variety of items, separate them for different donations, and talking about the reasons why, has been a valuable lesson for them and we hope will create a foundation for them to always look out for others.

What are your favorite PJ Library books?

Our favorite is the one about finding an old recipe for challah which was written in Yiddish – our daughter Alexandra loves it!

Are you part of any other organized Jewish communities?

We belong to BTBJ and our children have attended preschool in the Jewish community since they were 3 months old.

What do you think other parents should know about jkidphilly?

jkidphilly offers a wide range of activities to bring the Jewish community together–there is something for everyone!