Dear jkidphilly families,

Which came first, the Purim carnival or Mardi Gras? While Purim came hundreds of years before the celebration of Mardi Gras, both evolved from elements of  “Carnival” from around the sixth century and included masks, disguises, and skits of social commentary.

The Hebrew word Purim (pronounced “pureem”) means “lots” or “lottery,” from the story of the dastardly Haman, who couldn’t quite decide when to do his evil deeds and held a lottery to help him make the decision.

Purim carnivals usually feature games of chance as a way to revel in triumph over Haman’s evil plot to destroy the Jews of ancient Persia.

Take a chance at one of jkidphilly’s many Purim carnivals this weekend. If music is more your style, check out Andi Joseph in Chester Springs or Roots with Ruark in Newtown. For Jewish Arts and Crafts look here. If you are looking for a great adult discussion for interfaith couples in West Chester (childcare provided) look here.

No matter which neighborhood you are in, you and your family are sure to be winners at any one of these events!

Chag Sameach – Happy Purim!
Lisa and the jkidphilly team

P.S. Two of our programs are actually on Purim! Erev Purim (the evening before Purim) you can go to a Potluck dinner and Megillah Reading in Penn Valley and on Purim day, try this fun Hamantasch Bake and Treasure Hunt in Doylestown!