Kevin and Rachel Schmerling love celebrating Jewish traditions and connecting with other jkidphilly families. They are pictured here with their four children: Juliana (age 6), Jacob (age 5), Zachary (age 3), and Vaughn (17 months).

The Schmerlings spoke about their favorite Jewish activities, their connection to Jewish community, and the ways jkidphilly has impacted their family.

What do you enjoy about jkidphilly?

First and foremost we love meeting other Jewish families. We love having the kids learn about Jewish holidays, traditions, and values in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and feeling part of a Jewish community. All the programs are exciting, fun, very well organized and run by wonderfully caring people who are so dedicated to the success of jkidphilly.

What kind of Jewish activities do you enjoy at home?

We always read PJ Books together at bed time and listen to Jewish music that the kids jump and dance to. We enjoy putting money in our Tzedaka boxes, we love celebrating Shabbat with our Shabbat kits, and our son Jacob enjoys leading us in the blessings.

What are your favorite PJ Library books?

Meschka the Kvetch, Be Kind Baby, Hanukkah oh Hanukkah, The Littlest Pair

Have you connected with other jkidphilly families?

Yes, and we have formed wonderful friendships and bonds and have play dates with the children.

Are you part of any other organized Jewish communities?

We belong to the Beth Israel Congregation. Our children also attend pre-school, kindergarten, and summer camp at Beth Israel. Rachel is also an active member of the Beth Israel Sisterhood.

What do you think other parents should know about jkidphilly?

jkidphilly is a phenomenal program and opportunity for every Jewish family (regardless of how religious you may be) to participate in. Every family can reap all of the many amazing benefits that come from being involved… from the friendships, the books, fun kids activities, to learning about the holidays while instilling Jewish values in our children, and being a part of a Jewish community. We highly recommend this program to other Jewish/Interfaith families