Become a jkidphilly Venturer

Calling all jkids and their parents!
Do you love to help others, do mitzvot, and read Jewish books?

Become a jkidphilly Venturer this summer! 

Back for a fifth year: jkidphilly Venturer is an opportunity for jkids and their families to explore Jewish values together in new and different ways.

1. Register online or at a jkidphilly program and download your Mitzvah Magician and List of “Ten Things I Can Do to Help My World”

2. Check out the list of 10 things you can do to help your world below. Each time you do one of these activities (or design your own), take a photo with your Mitzvah Magician!

3. Ask an adult to help you share it with us via InstagramFacebook (#jkidphillyventurers), Email, or snail mail! Each time you do, you will be entered into a drawing to receive a brand-new jkidphilly surprise!

Help Your World with us this summer! You and your family can do activities all summer long.

Ha’achalat Re’evim | Feeding the Hungry

  1. Volunteer at the Jewish Relief Agency (JRA) — Children are welcome!
  2. If you have a garden or are shopping at a farmer’s market, remember that food pantries can use fresh fruits and veggies. Ask a grown-up to drop off at the Mitzvah Food Pantry.
  3. Learn about the mitzvah of feeding the hungry by reading PJ Library books like Bagels For Benny or Bone Button Borscht.
  4. Download and print Blessing Bag cards. Pack bags with granola bars and toiletries to keep in the car and give out to people in need (or take to a shelter).

Shmirat Ha’adamah | Guarding the Earth

  1. Take a bag with you when you take a walk in your neighborhood and get in the habit of picking up litter.
  2. Start a small garden and learn how to take care of plants by watering and weeding. If you don’t have an outdoor space to plant, think about an indoor garden.
  3. Make a bird feeder for your yard.

Bal Tashchit | Not Wasting

  1. Save energy by turning off lights and electronics in your home. Download and print these doorknob hangers to help you remember!
  2. Go through your toys, books and clothes make a pile of things that you don’t use anymore. Ask a grown-up to take gently used items to the Mitzvah Circle Foundation.
  3. Create art projects out of the materials in your recycling bin. You could take your creations to a local nursing home to cheer up residents.

B’Hatzlacha – Good Luck, Venturers!