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9-11 years olds: Click here!

Calling all jkids and their parents! Do you love to help others, do mitzvot, and read Jewish books?


Become a jkidphilly Venturer this summer! 
Back for a third year: jkidphilly Venturer is an opportunity for jkids and their families to explore Jewish values together in new and different ways.


  1. Register online or at a jkidphilly program -- once you’ve signed up, you will receive a FREE jkidphilly Venturer wristband!
  2. Check out the list of Jewish Value Ventures -- each has a number of challenges and a time period. Complete AT LEAST TWO of the challenges (or create your own and let us know) within the time period and do something to summarize your experience: take a photo*, draw a picture, record a video, or write a story.
  3. Share what you made about your experience with us by email ([email protected]) to receive a Venturer Award for that Jewish Value*


June: Talmud Torah (Learning)


July: Kavod (Respect)


August: Reut (Friendship)

When you’ve completed two or more challenges for each value, email us about your experience!
Send your photo, drawing, video, recording, or story to [email protected].

B’Hatzlaha – Good Luck, Venturers!