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Calling all jkids and their parents! Do you love to help others, do mitzvot, and read Jewish books?

Become a jkidphilly Venturer this summer! 
Back for a fourth year: jkidphilly Venturer is an opportunity for jkids and their families to explore Jewish values together in new and different ways.

1. Register online or at a jkidphilly program and download your Tikkun Olam sticker chart.
2. Check out the list of Tikkun Olam activities below. Complete AT LEAST SIX of these activities over the summer (or create your own and let us know) and do something to summarize your experience: take a photo*, draw a picture, record a video, or write a story.
3. Share what you made about your experience with us by email ([email protected]) to receive a Venturer Certificate to celebrate the ways you've helped to repair the world!


Repair the World with us this summer! You and your family can do tikkun olam activities all summer long.

Complete AT LEAST SIX of these activities over the summer:


Clean your room and gather gently used toys, books and clothes to donate to a local shelter.

Go to Cradles to Crayons and help to sort out items for children in need.

Take a walk through your neighborhood and pick up and throw away litter.

Read PJ Library books about Tikkun Olam such as Gathering Sparks and Tikkun Olam Ted.

Visit the JRA with your family and help people in need of food.

Buy an extra bag of groceries and drop it off at a Mitzvah Food Pantry.

Have a lemonade stand and give $ to your favorite Tzedekah.

Visit the Abramson Center or an assisted living facility for a friendly visit.

Donate your old kids magazines, books and DVDs to a children’s hospital.

Make cookies or other treats for local fire stations and first responders.

Cook a meal for a homeless shelter.

Pack up bags with granola or cereal bars and put in your car to hand out when you see people who are homeless.

Write a thank you note to someone who made a difference in your life (such as a cleaning person, janitor at school, nurse, dry cleaner, waitress, etc.) Keep them handy. Download our special thank you card for teachers!

Bake or make something for a neighbor or invite a new friend over to play.

Make today a day free of judgment: in your words, thoughts and actions.

Download and print our Kindness cards to give to your friends.

Take a Screen-free day--be present with others--the world will be a better place if you are having fun with your friends and family!

Draw a picture to brighten up someone’s day!

9-11 years olds: Click here!
B’Hatzlaha – Good Luck, Venturers!