8 Easy Steps for Welcoming Guests

How to welcome guests:

  1. Invite your guests to your Get Together! 
  2. Text/email them in advance that you are looking forward to your get together and send your address and the time. 
  3. Greet them at the door (or ask them to meet you in your backyard and be there waiting for them so you can greet them).*
  4. Introduce the families to each other – perhaps share something that they have in common.
  5. Offer them water, etc.
  6. Enjoy your get together and what you have planned (guests always feel more comfortable when the host is comfortable).
  7. When they leave, walk them to the door (don’t just say goodbye from the backyard).*
  8. Text them after to thank them for coming (include the pics you took).
A photo of a group of adults and children smiling together in a crowded kitchen.

*Abraham and Sarah were known to be extremely welcoming- their tent was open on all sides so that they could walk and greet their guests. Just like Sarah and Abraham, we want to be welcoming to our guests. The author Wendy Mogel applied this concept to playdates (greeting and walking out guests). Sometimes kids have a difficult time with transitions and find it hard to stop playing; therefore, instead of just the guest leaving (while the host child continues playing), it is helpful if everyone gets up and walks to the door (or to the front of your home from your backyard :). 

Enjoy your Get Together! Email Bari Jacobson with any questions.