A colorful birthday hat with the words “jkid philly is 10!” written next to it. There is a young child playing with a man in glasses, as he bends down to be eye level with the girl, she playfully puts an orange and white ball on his head.

“jkidphilly is 10!” and all of our work is made possible by the JLV Shomrim

Thank you to all the “jkidphilly is 10!” sponsors:

Jen & Fred Fox | Alison Joseph & Matt Kirschen | Elana Weinstein & Ken Brownstein | Sue & Elliott Weinstein | Anna & Jamie Marx | Gabrielle & Fred Kaplan-Mayer

If you have any questions about the Birthday Bash, contact Charlie Hersh.

A woman smiling as she sits behind a young boy and reads with him. They are both happy and enjoying each other’s company as well as the book.
A young child peeks through a blue bucket that she has on her head, with the words “jkidphilly” written on it. She is playful, happy, and smiling.
A woman teaches a young girl, as they both look at a piece of paper with yellow and blue cartoon figures on it. The girl is engaged in what she is learning as she turns to see what the woman is pointing at on the page.
An older man with a collared shirt and glasses on his head holds a baby, smiling and talking to him as the baby stares back at the man in awe.

About jkidphilly
What has 10 years of jkidphilly meant?


More than 38,000 jkids in Greater Philadelphia have received monthly PJ Library subscriptions. That’s nearly 2 million books! They received music, activities, and gifts, too!


Over 10,000 families have come to jkidphilly programs to make new friends, learn about Jewish values, celebrate Jewish holidays, and most importantly — to have fun and make connections!


Families came together in more than 400 locations! From playgrounds to synagogues and bookshops to Zoom, families are finding Jewish connections in every kind of place.


Through jkidphilly, more than 1,000 Little Hands Made a Big Difference through mitzvah projects like donating food, bringing cheer to seniors, and taking care of the earth.

These are big numbers, but the real story of jkidphilly happens just one person at a time. 

An image describing what the jkidphilly families are saying. The following are the quotes written on the page: “My 5-year-old son is especially proud to be Jewish now. For culture day at his school, he even brought in his menorah, dreidel, a PJ Library book, etc.” Next to this quote is a young boy holding up a picture he colored in of a dreidel. The next quote is “feels great to know other Jewish families in our area”; “We are so appreciative of this program, and it’s been great at introducing us to local synagogues, as well as filling a hole in our lives for Jewish community, until we choose our home synagogue”; “We are an hour away from most programs and we live almost 45 min from closest synagogue so jkidphilly has really helped me build some traditions and learn together”; “We attended a Purim party that was very well run, fun and educational. The participants and coordinators all made this a wonderful experience.” Next to this quote is a picture of a young boy in glasses making hamantaschen. The last quote on this page says: “Our family has gone from having no Jewish friends in the area with young kids to several thanks to jkidphilly. Through these new friendships, we have invited each other to birthday parties, had play dates, sent cards at the Jewish holidays, celebrated good times, and received support during difficult times”.

Help secure the future of jkidphilly and celebrate ten wonderful years!