PJ Book Reviews

PJ Book Reviews

Does your child have a very favorite PJ Library book? Every week, we feature a new PJ Library book review from a jkid. These literary critics from the baby, toddler, pre-school and elementary-age child set have lots to say and we want to hear from them!

All we ask is for you to complete this sentence with your child's words:

My favorite PJ Library book is___________ because ________________.

(If your child isn't verbal yet, you can share your observations, such as...Sarah's favorite book is "Sammy Spider's First Shabbat" because she loves the picture of the challah.")

Please send your sentence and a photo of your child to Gabby Kaplan-Mayer, [email protected]

Ben reading book Ben loves to read "Alef is for Abba" with both his Abba and Ema!




June's favorite PJ Library book is "Raisel's Riddle" because it reminds her of Cinderella and she loves the happy ending. 

















Antonis' favorte PJ book is "It's Tu B'Shevat" 
because it makes me want to plant a tree with Mommy and swing from a tire.








Omari reads his favorite PJ book

Omari's favorite PJ Library book is "Where Shabbat Lives" 
because he loves to point to the challah and rub his belly;

find neirot and hide his eyes; and lift his pretend kos kiddush in the air and yell "l'chaim!!!"