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Chanukah And Our Kids: Letting Their Light Shine

Thu, 11/30/2017 - 11:50am -- jkidphilly

by Rabbi Will Keller

I love the scene that unfolds when we light the Chanukah candles, especially with little kiddos around. I find children always have a fascination with this experience, they cannot contain their excitement, dancing and weaving between the legs of our guests and family as they try to get as close as humanly possible to the lighting of the Chanukiyot.  The kids’ excited dances and the glitter of absolute joy in their eyes remind me that our children are in some ways the like the candles themselves.

Constants and Variables: Meeting the Needs of Our Neighbors

Mon, 10/30/2017 - 12:52pm -- jkidphilly

by Fran Held

Founder & Executive Director, Mitzvah Circle Foundation

Brittany is a mother of two disabled children. After a car accident that left her with two broken legs, she can no longer work the $9 an hour job that supported her family. Without income she cannot cloth her two children for winter. She had nowhere else to turn and called Mitzvah Circle Foundation for help to provide warm clothing, coats and shoes for her kids as she recovers and gets back on her feet.

Storytelling, Lullabies and the Internet: A Grandma Shares Her Perspective

Thu, 08/31/2017 - 11:22am -- jkidphilly

by Shelley Maidman Menkowitz

Storytelling, reading books together, and singing songs form the basis of any warm relationship between an adult and a child. But today we have so many other options. Have you ever read a book to a far-away grandchild using Skype or FaceTime? Even a telephone can work:  My friend gets two copies of a book and the child on the other end of the phone looks at the pictures and turns the pages with Grandmom. If you can’t carry a tune, recorded music can be played at any time of day in many different places and in a variety of formats.

Celebrating 10 Years of My Jewish Life

Mon, 05/01/2017 - 10:18am -- jkidphilly

by Lettie Switzer

Almost ten years ago, my husband Jason and I had dinner with a Jewish couple who were singers in the same opera Jason was performing in at the time. We've always been very interested in different beliefs and practices (I attended and researched over 20 different churches in college), but had considered ourselves to be basically agnostic since high school. So in speaking with this couple, we became interested in Judaism, not for the purpose of converting, but just because a lot of their practices seemed interesting (such as kashrut). 

I Am A Passover Baby: A Mom Shares About Her Favorite Holiday

Mon, 04/03/2017 - 2:02pm -- jkidphilly

by Sharon Rudoy Fishman

I am a Passover Baby.  I was born on the second night of the second Seder, with no regard for the ones that were being conducted that night.  Apparently, as my mom tells it, I gave rise to the Four Questions in the form of contractions.  My family likes to think that I answered that eternal question “Why is this night different from all others?” with my arrival into the world.  I think it’s fair to say, the holiday of Pesach has been intertwined into my identity and existence ever since. 

A Purim Tradition: Mishloach Manot

Mon, 03/06/2017 - 9:26am -- jkidphilly

by Rachel Loonin

Come Purim time, my fun-loving family gets pretty into it. It's definitely a holiday tailor made for us.  As it is, during the year, we are known to wear glitter and feathers in a relatively passable  manner to synogogue, so Purim is a good fit.  One of the things we love doing as part of the mitzvot for the holiday is giving mishloach manot, gifts of food packages.  


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