jkidphilly FAQs



jkidphilly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


  • I want to meet other Jewish parents.  How can you help me to find them?

Please contact the jkidphilly staff by clicking here.  We’d be happy to help you find other jkidphilly families in your area.  Let us know what you are specifically looking for:  Families to play with, families to share holidays with, your children’s ages, how far you are willing to travel, best times to connect, etc.


  • I am looking for social action opportunities for my family.

We have begun to create jkidphilly programs for our Big jkids (ages 7-12) who are seeking opportunities to do mitzvot on a regular basis.  Younger siblings are always welcome. Check our jkidphilly calendar for our monthly programs.  We will be offering jkidphilly events at the Jewish Relief Agency, Mitzvah Circle Foundation, The Abramson Center for Jewish Life, Martin’s Run, and much more this year!  Let us know if you know of an agency we might want to consider for a future event.  Events will be held on Sundays or school holidays and will be in a variety of locations across Greater Philadelphia.


  • I am looking for programming for my newborn/toddler.

We have begun to offer programming specifically for children (birth – 2 years old) on a limited basis.  We will be happy to find Parent and Me programs that Jewish institutions offer in your area that might meet your needs.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer these programs on a regular basis in every part of the city, but we want to help you find what you are seeking.  Click here to tell us more about what you are looking for.


  • I would be interested in a Mom’s Night Out or a Parent’s Night Out

We love offering Mom’s Night Out programs in a variety of settings.  We are planning at least one every month.  Click here to tell us about your specific interests, so we can ensure that one will be planned for you!


  • I participated in the jkidphilly Venturers program this summer.  Will it be extended?

The jkidphilly Venturers program was extremely successful.  We are working on plans to expand it.  Stay tuned for an announcement soon!  Click here if you have specific feedback that we should know as we work on future plans.


  • We met a new jkidphilly family at an event and we want to stay in touch.  Can you help?

Yes, we can help you connect with other jkidphilly families.  Simply contact a member of the jkidphilly team and we will share contact information if both parties agree to connecting.


  • We want to attend jkidphilly programs, but we are working parents and need evening or weekend events.

We hear you!  We know it is challenging to make it during the week to programs after work.  We try to meet the needs of both stay at home parents and working parents by providing multiple opportunities both during the week and on weekends and in a variety of locations so that families can participate.  If you have a specific need that isn’t being met, please let us know by clicking here.


  • I have been to terrific programs, but they aren’t always geared for my child’s age.

We try to offer multiple activities at our programs so that families with different aged children can be comfortable.  We will also try to indicate on our marketing material the appropriate age level for each program.  jkidphilly is geared for children Birth-age 12.  We try to provide programming for each age level in each neighborhood at various times throughout the year.


  • I would like to see more programming in my neighborhood.

We try to offer a variety of programming in different locations and at different times across Greater Philadelphia.  If you have a specific venue that you would like us to consider, please let us know by clicking here.


  • My parents would like to get involved with jkidphilly.  What is the role of the grandparent?

We just launched our first ever Grandparent Celebration on September 7, 2014.  We would love to see more grandparents get involved with jkidphilly!  Click here to let us know more information about your jkid grandparents. 


  • We are an interfaith family.  What is the most comfortable way for us to be involved in jkidphilly programs?

We are happy to have families of all backgrounds raising Jewish children at all of our events. Additionally, we have partnered on a number of occasions, and will continue to partner with, InterfaithFamily Philadelphia, to ensure that all families know that our programs are open to them.  If you want to talk further, we are happy to meet for coffee or talk by phone to help your family feel comfortable at our events.  Click here to contact us.


  • We are an Orthodox family looking for jkidphilly programs that would be comfortable for us.

We are happy to have families of all denominations raising Jewish children at our events. All of the food and drink we provide at jkidphilly programs are hekhshered. If you want to talk further, we are happy to meet for coffee or talk by phone to help your family feel comfortable at our events.  Click here to contact us.